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  • A0 Mini UV Flatbed Digital Printer
  • A0 Mini UV Flatbed Digital Printer for sale
  • A0 Mini UV Flatbed Digital Printer for sale
  • A0 Mini UV Flatbed Digital Printer for sale
  • A0 Mini UV Flatbed Digital Printer
  • A0 Mini UV Flatbed Digital Printer for sale
  • A0 Mini UV Flatbed Digital Printer for sale
  • A0 Mini UV Flatbed Digital Printer for sale

A0 Mini UV Flatbed Digital Printer

  • Quick Details
  • Type  Digital Printer
    Plate Type  Flatbed Printer
    Automatic Grade  Automatic
    Color & Page  Multicolor
    Voltage  240V Adjustable
    Gross Power  1080w
    Dimensions(L*W*H)  3.0m*1.7m*1.5m
    Weight  1500kgs
    Certification  CE/SGS/ISO9001-2000/BV
    Print-Heads  Dx5
  • Model : WER-EF1310UV
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  • Description
  • Specification

UV printer A0 have solved print durability issues related to durability, drying speed, abrasion and solvents, while also delivering more effective, opaque white ink performance for higher-quality printing on dark materials.

WER-EF1310UV A0 Mini UV Flatbed Digital Printer,With the capability to print onto thick substrates, it offers the ability to produce a diverse range of prints for both indoor and outdoor use. It is ideally suited for applications such as backlit displays and signage, signs and posters, interior décor, glass and metal decorative panels and more. Its 4’x 8’, landscape-oriented format is small enough to fit into most sign and graphic print shops. White, clear and inks are available. The UV-LED lamps offer reduced energy consumption and a longer lamp lifetime.

Our small format UV flatbed printer is also maintenance friendly, adaptive to either continuous production or batch production. Its platform is designed in rational size, and the entire machine is one-man operated. Specifically, this flatbed printer can be used to print individualized products, such as advertisements, pictures, gifts, toys, etc.

[Detail Pictures:]

Small A0 UV Flatbed Digital Printer

Small A0 UV Flatbed Digital Printer

Small A0 UV Flatbed Digital Printer

Small A0 UV Flatbed Digital Printer

1. High Precision
a. Max. resolution ratio: 1440×1200 dpi
b. This small format UV flatbed printer enables to print in ink droplet mode, and the ink droplet ranges from 7pl to 21pl. In addition, high-definition printing in 2pt font is also available.
c. Dual-guide-rail mechanism ensures that guide beam moves stably and precisely.
d. Positioning of print head trolley utilizes fixed linear raster, thus, high-precision printing positioning is realized.
e. As the small format UV printer makes use of medium stop lever, material loading is more convenient, and positioning is more precise. Besides, repeat print is deviation-free.

2. High Speed
a. 4-pass bi-direction printing: 18m2/h
b. 6-pass bi-direction printing: 10m2/h
c. 8-pass bi-direction printing: 8m2/h

3. Multiple Functions
a. Max. material thickness: 100mm
b. Platform size: 1.6m (width) × 1.0m (length)
c. Our small format UV flatbed printer is suitable for printing on a wide variety of materials, such as the glass, acrylic, wood board, ceramic, metal plate, PVC board, corrugated board, the plastic, etc.
d. Color modes: CMYKLCLM + WV (optional)
e. 16 white ink flatbed printing modes are practicable, including white ink over and under-printing, white substrate printing and pantone printing. Meanwhile, printing with 3 types of special gloss paint is also feasible.
f. Max. load bearing capacity of printing platform: 50kg/m2 (in flat arrangement)
g. Materials, especially materials susceptible to thermal deformation, are firmly attached to the platform of our small format UV flatbed printer, for super strong vacuum absorption system is configured.

4. Humanized Design

5. Stable and Reliable Performance

6. Cost Saving
Although UV-curable ink is relatively expensive, our small format UV flatbed printer saves ink by 30%-50%. Meanwhile, printing effect is more vivid and clear.

7. Eco-friendly
The eco-friendly UV-curable ink is free from VOC (volatile organic compound), thus pollution or damage will not be caused.

8. Wide Application Range
Our small format UV flatbed printer is widely used in a multitude of fields.

[Company Information:]

[Visiting Customers:]

Small A0 UV Flatbed Digital Printer
Printing tech UV Curing Drop-on-demand Piezoelectric inkjet
No. of print head DX5 head (DX7 is optional)
Color CMYK+W & Double CMYK
Ink characteristics UV Curing ink
Ink reservoir Refillable on the fly while printing
Resolution Options 360*360dpi, 360*540dpi, 360*720dpi, 720*720dpi & 720*1440dpi
Printing speed Standard quality 30 m2/H
High quality 19 m2/H
Ultra quality 15 m2/H
Max media size 0.85m*1.22m for sheet to sheet
Media type Rigid PVC board, ceramic tiles, glass, marble, granite, wood, sheet metal; Roll to roll includes paper, PVC vinyl, fabrics and tarpaulin Etc
Print head controls Print head temperature and voltage are software adjustable
Print height 1cm~10cm adjustable
Media handling option Sheet to sheet only
Drying system LED UV lamp (Mercury Lamp is optional)
Rip software Photoprint 10th Edition , Ultraprint (Window XP Or Window 7)
Color management ICC based color, adjustment curves, density adjustment
File format Bitmaps,TIFF, JPEG, Postscript 3, EPS, PDF Etc.
Electrical requirements 50Hz/60Hz, 220V(10%)>20A
Environmental requirements Ambient temperature: 20-30°C, Relative humidity: 40-70%
Outdoor durability 5 years at least
Dimesion 3.0m*1.7m*1.5m
Weight 1500 kgs

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